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    AirFlicks Aerial Imagery
    Taking to the skies
    Providing a new perspective
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    Aerial photography
    Video production
    Unique marketing opportunities
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    with a bespoke video.
    Quality promotional videos provide a unique perspective
    on your business, service or property.
    Utilising the latest in aerial camera technology
    we will show your product as it has never been seen before.
    Check out the video for an example of our work.

Welcome to AirFlicks. Specialists in aerial imagery

We provide a new take on traditional promotional media.
We take to the skies to provide a unique perspective on your business, event or property.

What we do

Using the latest in camera drone technology, AirFlicks offer you close range aerial imagery services including complete video packages and still photographs. We hold a Permit for Aerial Work from the Civil Aviation Authority and will undertake contracts such as business promotion, property marketing, aerial surveys/inspections and mapping for construction and agriculture.
We cover the North Wales and North West regions of the UK.


Property Marketing

Provide an aerial view of your property, its grounds and the surrounding scenery in order to aid a quick sale.

Aerial Inspections

We can provide a piloted drone at short notice for inspections where a cherry picker or scaffolding is unavailable or not feasible.

Business Promotions

We can provide still photographs for your marketing materials right up to full video packages. Call us for our competitive rates.


We can enhance your event coverage with aerial imagery or provide a value add for traditional photography or video services.


Bespoke Work

If you don't need our post production services just hire us by the day and we will provide you with our raw footage. Now available in 4K.


CAA Licensed

We hold a BNUC-S qualification, a Civil Aviation Authority Permit for Aerial Work and extensive public liability insurance.

Our Portfolio

  • Property Marketing

    A new perspective on your property
  • Aerial Inspections

    Onsite surveying in real-time
  • Aerial Surveys

    From construction to crops
  • Business Promotion

    Put your business in context
  • Business Promotion

    Aerial photography for marketing
  • Business Promotion

    Promotional video services

Contact Us

Want to find out more? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Tel: 0747 11 77 111
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